Continuing Education

We endeavor to maintain our professional competence.  In order to do so, we take accredited continuing legal education courses. Here are some courses we have taken recently:
Long Island Goes to the New York Court of Appeals
Hot Spots:  Building an Unbreakable Foundation (evidence)
Ethics Roundtable
The New Ethics Rules
Surrogate Court Committee Meeting:  What to Consider Before Making Requests to Surrogate Court
An Introduction to Mediation in the Suffolk Commercial Division
S-Corps vs. LLC’s
Mortgage Foreclosure
“CSI” Long Island - Part One:  Body Fluids, Serology, DNA
“CSI” Long Island - Part Two:  Ballistics, Firearms, Chemistry
Appellate Practice:  Commercial-Corporate Committee:  Strategies for Improving Your Chances of Success on Appeal
Hot Topics in Animal Law Practice
The Sub-Prime Mortgage Meltdown:  How to Advise Your Clients
Trial Practice:  Voir Dire in Criminal and Civil Cases
Depressed Real Estate, Distressed Clients
Equine Law

Handling a Foreclosure Settlement Conference

Piercing the Corporate Veil

Civil Enforcement of Money Judgments Through the Sheriff’s Office

All About Wills

Foreclosure Settlement Conferences

Elder Law Update

Surrogate Court Committee: Think Before Filing
We have also taken courses allowing us file cases electronically in both the State and Federal Courts.